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Jenny Dasher
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Jersey Buster

It's difficult to set up a studio portrait of your horse. I know. My wife is an avid equestrian and even she, refuses to bring the horses home.

What to do get a beautiful portrait of your horse? Send me your favorite photo and I will recreate it and then paint it using some digital mastery.

My horse art is custom painted. And I do mean custom! Every detail is looked at as I transform your photo into the finest horse artwork.

To understand more about how it all works, check out my page on painting on a computer.

I often get wonderful horse photos but in many cases there is a wire fence in the way, or a dirty patch of mud here and there. But's a horse!

In most cases that poses no major problem and I can isolate your horse in order to create a horse painting that will really impress you!

But it's no cure for a blurry horse picture, though. That's why I urge you to send me the very best images you have. Sharp looking horse photos in the highest digital resolution possible. To get more info on resolution, click here...

If you're looking for a unique gift or a cherished keepsake for yourself, my horse paintings are guaranteed to please! I've assembled a few of pieces for you to look at. Simply browse through my selection of horse art and take closer look by clicking on the images. I can create a custom horse portrait in various art styles.

I use sophisticated digital technology and over 30 years of creative experience to "digitally paint" your horse portrait from photos. And if you're thinking this is just push-button work then you'll be surprised to know that a great amount of time goes into creating horse artwork.

To see how I paint a digital painting, look here. If you'd like me to create a wonderful tribute that will bring you a lifetime of joy, simplysend along your photo(s) and I'll give you a free assessment which would be best to work with!