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funny portrait of boxer and what he is thinking comic dog portrait of pug and fire hydrant
Benny Bugzy
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Jazz Checkers
funny dog painting of Yorkie and phonograph
  pet portrait of funny puppy   funny dog portrait of dalmation in firesuit
Barney Spot



It's funny how we like to humanize dogs.

We buy them chic clothing, treat them to gourmet meals, outfit them with jewellery, groom them regularly with a wash, cut & styling. Is there no end?

I guess not. Just look at my FUNNY DOGS portrait collection. As a pet artist, I devote many hours of my time probing deep into the thoughts and desires of our pets, honoring their indisputible contributions and commemorating them with tributes.

Are we nuts? Not at all. We are simply loving them back as much as they love us!

If you've been thinking about a wonderful way to celebrate your pet dog, a Pet Portrait is truly a stunning one-of-a-kind keepsake! Whether it's a unique gift for a pet-loving friend or, for yourself, there's a lifetime of joy in owning one!

If my fun dog portraits section is something that interests you, simply select a style that you like and reference the name you see under the image when you place your order.There's also my wild and wacky DOG POP ART paintings section.

If your tastes are more conservative, then check out my traditional dog portrait selection.

The bottom-line is in the final proofs I will prepare for you.

If you aren't pleased, there is no commitment to continue the order and a full refund is given.

Chances are, that you've got shoe boxes or a hard drive that's overloaded with digital photos of your pet. Take a moment to go through it all and send me your best...You can either EMAIL or upload your dog picture. And please remember, creating pet portraits from photos requires that you to send the very best photo you have with a high image resolution.

To get a better idea of how a room looks with some of my pet portrait offerings, check out these dog wall art examples.

From the Warhol influenced Pop Art style, a Comic Art pet portrait or, the beauty of a Traditional Art rendering.

With over 30 years of creative experience I"ll create a dog painting masterpiece that will truly be a work of art!

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